Shahid kapoor diet

Shahid - being a trained dancer - has always been a fan of physical activity and never lets passivity seep in. Shahid Kapoor too is not an exception to that rule. Green vegetables: Shahid Kapoor has always been a perfect mix of mush and mettle His fitness has been one of the constants in his Bollywood career Shahid and celeb trainer Abbas have worked together over the years He was the most desired boy-next door until he made an effortless slip into the garb of alpha-male machismo in Vishal Bharadwaj's critically acclaimed Kaminey, He is the first Indian actor to fly an American F aircraft.

His workout starts with a ten-minute cardio and circuit training. Shahid consumes foods rich in carbohydrates and fat. The delay may have saved the lives of the crew, since the hotel booked for them was destroyed during the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Reportedly, Shahid trained religiously for close to two hours everyday besides battling a hour shoot. Shahid relies more on natural sources of proteins to fulfill the requirement of his body for protein. Shahid Kapoor follows a strict vegetarian diet.

Geeta Rai. Over the years, Shahid's diet has been a mix of protein and energy dense vegetarian food.

Fitness Secrets to Have a Fab Body Like Shahid Kapoor

It needs a lot of time and dedication in the gym with rigorous exercise and a strict diet to follow. He keeps a close watch on Ranbir's diet and has given him the following diet chart.

Shahid Kapoor's Diet and Fitness Routine: The Secret Behind the 'Rangoon' Star's Lean Look

The original character is a doctor, so it would be inauthentic to have a doctor with six-pack abs. No Quit Does Shahid Kapoor drink alcohol?: He credits his trainer, Pradeep Bhatia, who happens to be his close friend for motivating him to hit the gym and guiding him do the grueling workouts.

Grilled salmon, fish, and chicken. Sugar and salt can cause bloating which could make him gain weight and therefore he cut down on them for 15 days.

Kapoor described the film as the "toughest" of his career, and waived his fees to star in it.

Shahid Kapoor Height Weight Body Statistics

Boiled and steamed vegetables have a lot of antioxidants and no oil. Shahid eats full but takes 5 small meals to keep him going all day long. Filming was marred by a reported feud between Ranaut and Kapoor, and although they denied the reports, both stars publicly commented against the other.

He left no stone unturned by working out straight 2 hours a day to attain the look right for the role.

Here’s how Shahid Kapoor is staying fit for Padmavati, know all about his diet now

This handsome actor steers clear from meat and other animal foods. Shahid has emerged as a fine actor in the industry, who has been wonderfully praised not only for his acting skills but also for his good looks and great physique.6-Pack Meals gives you a peek into the actor's Sohani Dogra.

Shahid Kapoor is all set to deliver yet another fine performance with ‘Kabir Singh’, whose teaser took social media by storm.

Known to get under the skin of all. We all know Shahid Kapoor very well. He is known for his chocolate boy image in Bollywood. We have seen his acting skills going over the time.

6 times exercises per week & a strict vegetarian diet is what Shahid Kapoor has been following to maintain his fitness levels. Read here his fitness secrets.

Shahid Kapoor is physically ready for Kabir Singh

Here is all that you need to know about Shahid Kapoorâ s health, diet and Padmavati' Is Every Vegetarian Fitness Goals.

Shahid Kapoor's fitness and diet. Shahid Kapoor is all set to deliver yet another fine performance with Kabir Singh, whose teaser took social media by Deccan Chronicle.

Shahid kapoor diet
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